Evolve Dog Food Review (2024) Best Food

Evolve Dog Food Review (2024) Best Food

Evolve Dog Food Review

Evolve dog food goes beyond being mere tummy filler – it plays a crucial role in maintaining your dog’s overall health and happiness. The right dog food contributes to your dog’s fitness, helps prevent chronic issues, and supports healthy growth.

Specifically tailored for seniors, Evolve dog food works wonders by preventing chronic heart and digestion issues, reducing allergies, and ultimately minimizing visits to the vet. This means more cuddle and playtime for your furry companion. The importance of choosing the right dog food extends to the well-being of both you and your canine friend, making Evolve Dog Food a choice worth considering for a world of benefits.

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Evolve Company Overview

Evolve is managed by Sunshine Mills, Inc., a family-owned business with a rich history spanning over 50 years and nurtured through four generations. Headquartered in Red Bay, rural North Alabama, Sunshine Mills has transformed from an animal feed producer into a specialized pet food chain, focusing on dog food tailored to meet the specific needs of different breeds.

The commitment to quality is paramount at Evolve. The brand manufactures its pet food in Sunshine Mills’ own plants and facilities across the United States, ensuring comprehensive control over product quality. These facilities boast SQL Level 3 certification, the highest in food safety certifications, underscoring their dedication to quality assurance. Evolve’s confidence in its quality control is reflected in a 100% money-back guarantee offered to customers.

Remarkably, Evolve has not experienced any dog food recalls to date, a testament to their rigorous quality control guidelines. For five decades, the brand has consistently delivered on its promise of providing safe and nutritious dog food, reinforcing its position as a reliable choice for pet owners.

Ingredients Found in Evolve Dog Food

All dog foods, wet or dry, are made of the highest quality ingredients and enriched whole foods. Their formulas are free from grain, wheat, soy, and corn and any artificial coloring or by-product meals. Evolve dog food recipes are designed based on a nutritious and balanced diet which includes the rich proteins and wholesome supplements your pet requires to ensure proper nutritional balance.

Here’s a look at some of the ingredients in Evolve Classic Lamb and Brown Rice:

  • Lamb (contains 73% water and is rich in protein)
  • Ground Rice (gluten-free substitute for wheat flour)
  • Rice Flour (gluten-free substitute for wheat flour)
  • Chicken Meal (300% more protein)
  • Dried Egg Product (high biological value, easy to digest)
  • Poultry Fat (high in omega-6 fatty acids)
  • Ground Oats (low in gluten, rich in vitamins and fiber)
  • Rice Bran (fiber-rich, also contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, starch, and fat)

Overall, the Evolve dog food line gives pet owners a safe, quality-controlled, and nutritious option to ensure healthy and happy pets. Given its premium quality and affordable price, Evolve dog food is something that you should definitely try for your pet.

Evolve Dog Food Product Line

8 Varieties of Evolve Dry Dog Food

  • Evolve Beef, Barley & Brown Rice Maintenance Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Evolve Classic Deboned Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food
  • Evolve Grain-Free Deboned Chicken, Sweet Potato & Chickpea Senior Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Evolve Grain-Free Deboned Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food
  • Evolve Grain-Free Turkey, Garbanzo Bean & Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food
  • Evolve Lamb & Rice Maintenance Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Evolve Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Evolve Simply Six Limited Ingredient Lamb Meal, Brown Rice & Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food

7 Varieties of Evolve Wet Dog Food

  • Evolve Chicken Formula Canned Dog Food
  • Evolve Lamb Formula Canned Dog Food
  • Evolve Nature’s Menu Chicken & Pasta Dinner in Gravy Canned Dog Food
  • Evolve Nature’s Menu Hearty Stew with Beef, Carrots & Potatoes Canned Dog Food
  • Evolve Nature’s Menu Holiday Harvest with Turkey, Duck & Cranberries in Gravy Canned Dog Food
  • Evolve Nature’s Menu Mountain Range Medley with Salmon & Venison in Sauce Canned Dog Food
  • Evolve Turkey Formula Canned Dog Food
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