Go! Dog Food Review (2024) Best Food

Go! Dog Food Review (2024) Best Food

Go! Dog Food Review

If you have a furry, picky eater at home, then Go! Dog Food is pretty much the answer to all your pet food worries. If your canine loves leaving its food in the bowl and around the house instead of enjoying its meal, then it’s time to rework his/her diet plan.

The best way to find the right dog food for your furry friend is to find out what their current needs are by way of age, body requirements, and preferences, among others. The interactive ‘Food Finder’ on the Go! dog food’s website is the perfect tool to find out which Petcurean dog food suits your pet’s need, the best!

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Go! Company Overview

Go! Pet Food is one of Petcurean Pet Nutrition Inc.’s five dog food brands. The Go! dog food line is specially crafted for dogs with food allergies and ones who require preventative care. Go! dog food recipes are all high-protein and low-carb recipes which cater to the unique dietary needs of your pet.

Petcurean was founded in the year 1999. It is based in Chilliwack, Canada. The brand provides dry dog food, canned/wet dog food, and freeze-dried mixers for dog food. These functional mixers are perfect for pet parents who are looking for nutritional solutions for their pets that will take care of their common health issues. Their products are manufactured and marketed as all natural and free from growth hormones, preservatives, and by-products.

Till date, there has been only one recall of their product, in November 2003, where there were reports of liver disease and failure from the dog food that was prepared in their Texas plant. About 80% of this particular dog food was sold by a single pet retail chain, Pet Food Express.

Most Popular Go! Dog Food Brands Best Current Online Price

Ingredients Found in Go! Dog Food

Go! dog food stands out due to its thoughtful formulation and emphasis on quality ingredients. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll typically find within their recipes and why they generally qualify as high-quality choices:

Focus on Protein:

  • Meat as the Core: Unlike many commercial brands, Go! recipes consistently feature whole meats such as chicken, duck, salmon, or lamb as the first several ingredients. This ensures dogs get ample, easy-to-digest animal protein crucial for muscle health and energy.
  • Meat Meals: Sometimes included, these concentrated and protein-rich ingredients often raise concerns. However, when the source is clearly labeled (like “chicken meal”), it simply indicates a denser form of quality animal protein.

Healthy Additions:

  • Digestible, Gluten-Free Carbs: Grains often lead to allergies in dogs. Go! opts for gluten-free carbohydrates like chickpeas, lentils, peas, oats, and potatoes, offering digestible energy sources even for sensitive pups.
  • Fats & Oils: Go! includes wholesome sources like canola and sunflower oil. These deliver both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, enhancing skin and coat health, and providing energy.
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Apples, cranberries, blueberries, and others offer natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a dose of healthy fiber to aid digestion and immune support.

Limited Ingredient Approach:

  • Sensitivity + Shine Range: Specifically geared towards sensitive dogs, these recipes contain fewer overall ingredients to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • No Unnecessary Fillers: You won’t find cheap fillers like corn or wheat. Go! chooses ingredients that provide your dog with actual nutritional benefits.

Are Go! Foods Perfect?

No dog food is perfect for every pet. High protein recipes may not suit older, less active dogs. Nonetheless, the brand scores high in the quality department:

  • Responsibly Sourced Ingredients: Go! partners with trusted suppliers, reducing risk of undesirable additives.
  • High-Quality Manufacturing: With rigorous production standards, they ensure nutritional consistency for your dog.

Overall, Go! dog foods utilize ingredients chosen with an emphasis on quality and digestibility. Their focus on whole meats, gluten-free carbohydrates, functional additions, and limited-ingredient offerings make them a great choice for pet parents seeking the best for their furry companions.

Go! Dog Food Product Line

Go! Dog Food understands that our canine companions come in all shapes, sizes, and dietary needs. That’s why they offer a thoughtfully designed range of both dry and wet food options to cater to all dog breeds and their unique circumstances. Let’s take a look at their key product lines:

  • Fit + Free™: Fueling Your Pup’s Adventures This line champions high protein levels and gluten-free, grain-free recipes. Whether your dog is an energetic athlete or just loves their playtime, Fit + Free™ ensures those muscles are well-nourished with abundant meat protein, providing energy for active lifestyles.

  • Sensitivity + Shine™: Catering to Sensitive Souls Designed for dogs with food sensitivities or specific dietary restrictions, this line prioritizes limited-ingredient, carefully selected protein sources. If your furry friend suffers from allergies or digestive issues, Sensitivity + Shine™ provides digestible alternatives without sacrificing taste or nutrition. This way, they get delicious meals tailored to their individual needs.

  • Daily Defense™: Nutrition as Preventative Care Go! believes daily food choices can significantly impact long-term health. Their Daily Defense™ line focuses on balanced recipes filled with wholesome ingredients designed to support immune function, digestive health, and overall well-being. It’s the perfect everyday choice for promoting a longer, healthier life for your loyal companion.

No matter your dog’s specific needs, Go! offers thoughtfully formulated dry and wet options to address them. Their emphasis on quality ingredients, carefully-balanced recipes, and targeted nutrition make them a fantastic choice for conscientious pet parents looking for the best for their furry friends.

Dog Food Network Score

Go! Dog Food Score: 7.5 out of 10


  • Ingredient Quality: Go! consistently uses well-sourced meats as the primary ingredient, avoids common fillers, and features wholesome additions like fruits and vegetables. This earns them high marks for nutritional value.
  • Recall History: Go! has a generally clean recall history. While rare issues are possible with any manufacturer, Petcurean’s record shows a commitment to food safety.
  • Reviews: Consumer reviews for Go! are typically positive. Owners cite factors like palatability even for picky eaters, healthy digestion for sensitive pups, and noticeable improvements in coat and energy levels.
  • Drawbacks: Go! falls into the premium dog food category with a corresponding price point. Additionally, not all pet stores carry their full range of products.

Why a 7.5 and Not Higher:

While Go! excels in many areas, some factors prevent a perfect 10:

  • Not Ideal for Every Dog: The high protein content of certain recipes might be overwhelming for older or less active dogs who thrive better on moderate protein levels.
  • Premium Cost: Though quality ingredients justify a higher price, budget-conscious owners might find other good options for a lower price.

Go! deserves recognition as a reputable brand prioritizing real meat, nutritional balance, and targeted formulas for various needs. If your budget allows and your dog tolerates a higher protein diet, Go! is absolutely worth considering as an excellent source of quality nutrition.

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