Newman’s Own Dog Food Review (2024) Best Food

Newman’s Own Dog Food Review (2024) Best Food

Newman’s Own Dog Food Review

The search for the right dog food ends when you find a formula that includes the perfect ratio of high biological proteins and wholesome carbohydrates, packed in with vitamins and minerals that are just perfect to give your pet that shiny coat and healthy body. This is thought that has driven the Newman’s Own Dog Food arm, that has lived up to the expectations of millions of pet parents with its richly sourced, fresh and safe ingredients in its dog food formulas.

Newman’s Own Company Overview

Newman’s Own is headquartered in Westport, Connecticut. The company was founded in 1982, by actor Paul Newman and writer A.E. Hotchner. The company wasn’t originally created as a dog food company. Instead, its first product offering was a homemade salad dressing which the founders had prepared themselves and seeing how much their guests loved it, when on to commercialize it. They then started adding more food products to their product portfolio and then dog food was added to their line of offerings. However, the company is not just known for its serendipitous way of founding the business, but because it donates 100% of its profits to charity, which is indeed a noble cause for such a big business organization.

Newman’s Own does not disclose details about where it sources its ingredients from but mentions that most of it is sourced from the US, itself. All of their pet food products are manufactured adhering to the highest quality standards and are rigorously tested for safety. Given the fact that brand has not seen a single recall in all these years of operation vouches for its claims.

Ingredients Found in Newman’s Own Dog Food

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients used in Newman’s Own Advanced Dog Food, which is dry dog food, perfect for pets of all stages.

  • Chicken (high biological protein)
  • Chicken meal (300% more protein-rich than chicken)
  • Oats (gluten-free, rich in Vitamin B and fiber)
  • Barley (starchy carbohydrate, rich in fiber and other nutrients)
  • Peas (rich source of carbohydrates and natural fiber)
  • Soybean meal (constitutes about 48% protein but contains less biological value proteins as compared to meat)
  • Sorghum (starchy cereal grain)
  • Brown rice (complex carbohydrate, easy to digest)
  • Millet (gluten-free grain)

Its rich combination of high-value ingredients shows that Newman’s Own is indeed a right choice for pets, with its good mix of high-value proteins and healthy carbohydrates. Additionally, an absence of sugar and low-quality meat makes it a fine choice for pets.


Newman’s Own Dog Food Product Line

Newman’s Own manufactures both dry dog food and wet dog food. Although it has only two options under its dry dog food products, it has a better range when it comes to its canned/wet dog food offerings.

2 Varieties of Newman’s Own Dry Dog Food

  • Newman’s Own Adult Dog Formula
  • Newman’s Own Advanced Dog Formula

10 Varieties of Neman’s Own Wet Dog Food

  • Newman’s Own Premium Chicken
  • Newman’s Own Premium Chicken & Brown Rice
  • Newman’s Own Premium Turkey & Brown Rice
  • Newman’s Own Premium Chicken & Turkey
  • Newman’s Own Organic Beef
  • Newman’s Own Organic Beef & Liver
  • Newman’s Own Organic Liver
  • Newman’s Own Organic 95% Chicken Grain-Free Dinner
  • Newman’s Own Organic 95% Chicken & Liver Grain-Free Dinner
  • Newman’s Own Organic 95% Turkey & Liver Grain-Free Dinner
  • Newman’s Own Organic 95% Turkey Grain-Free Dinner
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